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iQ Therm - Breathable Interior Insulation

A True Alternative to Exterior Wall Insulation

Insulating exterior walls from the inside

Energy saving refurbishment systems from Remmers

Old buildings consume approximately three times as much energy as new buildings. So it is only logical that when old buildings are refurbished, simultaneous insulation improvements will be required and these are becoming more and more important.

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An overview of heat loss

Approximately 25% - 40% exterior walls
Approximately 10% - 20% heating system
Approximately 10% - 15% roof
Approximately 5% - 10% windows
Approximately 5% - 10% foundations

Preserving the facade, insulating from the inside

There are countless buildings for which internal insulation is preferable or even absolutely essential. For example, it is not permitted to change the facades of many historic buildings, plus the owners of many brick and natural stone faced houses, or those with richly decorated facades, certainly would not want to lose the charm of these buildings. Interior insulation is also an ideal solution for buildings with multiple housing units and terraced houses that are built in narrow city streets. An additional advantage of interior insulation is that the rooms can also be re-heated quickly when they are only used for part of the time.

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Brick and natural stone facades

Art Deco facades

Buildings with multiple housing units

iQ-Therm - The intelligent interior insulation

A unique and innovative system

iQ-Therm is an intelligent interior wall insulation system developed by Remmers. It combines efficient thermal insulation with breathable, active capillarity and also ensures - through the moisture regulating render - an excellent internal environment and 'room climate'. One of iQ-Therm's greatest strengths is its patented active moisture principle. Countless small holes in the insulation panels are filled with special mortar and these act as channels for any moisture that arises or exists within the structure. A unique system is created throughout the entire structure, which provides extremely high insulation, optimum control of room climate and also reliably protects against damp and mould growth at the same time.

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Highest Insulation Properties

fulfils the criteria of the European Energy Saving Act (EnEV)

Reduces Energy Costs

significantly and permanently

Highly Capillary-Active

100% security against damp and mould growth, without a vapour barrier

Regulates Humidity

which creates a pleasant room climate

Flame Resistant

building Material Class B1; self-extinguishing

Saving energy with iQ-Therm

Reduce heating costs to the minimum

The price for all types of energy continues to rise - for oil, gas and electricity. The price of oil has quadrupled since 2004. The importance of energy saving is therefore now greater than ever before and likely to continue to increase - especially in the housing / property market.

Despite this, more than half of all existing buildings are not insulated or have inadequate protection against heat and energy loss. In England and Wales, Building Regulations Part L mandates a further increase in wall insulation values from October 2010. The current U value of 0.35 W/m2K for walls reduces to 0.26 W/m2K and is proposed to reduce further to 0.20 W/m2K by 2013. For homeowners this means that any refurbishment works which fall under Building Regulations, will require walls to meet or beat a U value of 0.26 W/m2K.

In this example* an exterior wall surface of approx 150m² is insulated. Before it was insulated, 12,000 KWh of heat energy were needed to "compensate" for the transmission heat loss. The iQ-Therm system reduces energy requirements by 75 %, i.e. after refurbishment, just under 3,000 KWh are needed. A reduction of the U-value of the exterior wall from 1.173 W/m2K to 0.284 W/m2K makes this possible and therefore the wall also now meets the requirements of the latest Building Regulations.The recent introduction of the iQ-Therm 80mm thick wall panel will also allow us to comfortably exceed the impending Part L increase in almost all cases.

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*Calculated with a natural gas price of 0.70 £/m3 and a heating system efficiency of 0.8

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Typical example: Two-storey family house

Heat loss WITHOUT iQ-Therm interior insulation

Heat loss WITH iQ-Therm interior insulation

Feel good climate with iQ-Therm

An ideal room climate with this moisture regulating system

Want to feel really good at home? Want to keep your family healthy and have fun together? A prerequisite for a good quality of life in your own four walls is the climate of the room. Thermal insulation must achieve far more than simple insulation these days.

iQ-Therm is a breathable system with a unique combination of real advantages. It keeps the temperature on the surface of the walls close to room temperature, which creates a pleasant feeling of well being. The special iQ-Therm render buffers moisture in high humidity times and releases the moisture again when the air is drier during the heating periods, which improves the climate of the room. Not only that, the iQ-Therm System, does not create a vapour barrier, which means it also provides the ideal protection against damp and mould growth.

If a healthy and pleasant room is one of your goals when refurbishing existing living spaces, iQ-Therm is the perfect solution!

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Added value thanks to iQ-Therm

Increase the value of your home, take advantage of incentives

In no other country do people place so much value on their own four walls as in the UK. A man’s home is his Castle, it represents stability of the family and determines our quality of life. Historically and today, people in the UK buy and build homes for their future.

It is a fact that the increasing UK regulatory requirements for building materials, the execution of building projects and techniques, are heading towards the highest in the world. Virtually no other country in the world has so many regulations controlling how people have to build.

For home owners this means that despite an recession:-

There is still no better security for your old age and no better investment than owning your own home. So it makes sense to maintain and even increase its value by refurbishing and insulating to save energy  with iQ-Therm.

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To make sure that this view does not just remain a serious intention, the Government has numerous incentive programmes for this type of restoration and insulation to save energy. You can find out about incentive programmes in your region on the Internet at

Unlimited possibilities

With iQ-Therm you can decorate every wall

Decorate your home the way you want to! The use of interior insulation gives you the opportunity to design and redecorate the surfaces of your walls individually. With breathable and health promoting interior wall paints, your home can also be a real eye-catcher.

The low carbon, toxin-free materials have been perfectly coordinated with the interior insulation system and also provide additional protection in your walls against damp and infestation with mould. Safe, healthy and effective interior insulation becomes a complete solution when appearances are taken into account. No matter whether you prefer a classic white or magnolia surface, or if you would rather use coloured paints – there are practically no limits to decorating the surface. You can even use textured finishes or ecological lime based paints – and we can colour match just about any colour chart available.

And when it comes to hanging pictures, attaching shelves, or other functional equipment or decorative accessories – iQ-Therm offers unlimited possibilities without compromising even the smallest part of its effectiveness.

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Help the environment with iQ-Therm

Your personal contribution to protecting the environment

Climate change now concerns all of us! For a long time, researchers have been warning about the effects of global warming and dwindling oil reserves. The emission of CO2, pollution and the loss of endangered species of plants and animals are no longer fringe subjects – they have become mainstream. The motivation to thoroughly investigate ecological restoration and modernisation measures now goes far beyond just the financial aspects. Existing buildings use approximately one third of the entire energy consumed in the UK – even with traffic and industry included.

To meet the greatest challenges of our times, expanding renewable sources of energy will certainly be an essential factor for success. But it’s just as important to reduce our energy needs and consumption as far as possible – Another good reason for selecting iQ-Therm, the intelligent interior insulation.

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